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The library is open while under construction. The front entry is closed. A temporary public entrance is available through the east-side doors, located near the drive-up book drop. Find out more about the renovation project...

The library will provide access to electronic information systems as is sufficient to fulfill its mission. Use of these systems shall be consistent with the library’s mission, goals, policies and procedures, and with local, state and federal laws. The library expects that the users of these systems shall not interfere with the systems’ operation, integrity, or security. Additionally, the following rules govern use of all the Library’s computer services:

  • The library reserves the right to set rules as needed for these systems and their use.
  • Adding, modifying, or deleting any system element is prohibited.
  • Impeding a system’s use through monopolization or unreasonable consumption of system resources is prohibited.
  • Use of the computers is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The library does not provide e-mail services to patrons.
  • Library staff will assist patrons with computer use when possible.
  • The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 of the U.S Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the library’s equipment is liable for any copyright infringement.

I. Internet Use

If, in the estimation of a staff member, the Internet site being viewed is causing or is likely to cause a disturbance, he or she can ask the patron to turn off the monitor or leave the web site.

There is a 1 hour time limit per session Monday through Saturday.

There is a 30 minute time limit per session on Sundays.

An express computer is available for 10 minute sessions.

The demand for the use of the library’s Internet workstations may exceed the available supply. Therefore, it is necessary to manage Internet access fairly and equitably so that all patrons will have an equal opportunity to use the resource.

II. Word Processing

There is a 2 hour limit per session.

It is understood that all patrons using word processing have a basic knowledge of how to use it.

III. Printing

Printing is 15 cents per page for black and white prints and 30 cents per page for color prints.

The library may suspend or terminate any public access computer privileges if the library reasonably believes that any patron has violated these guidelines.

IV. Rules for Behavior In Computer Service Areas

Internet and word processing stations are for use for one person at a time.

If a second person is absolutely needed, the main user should ask library staff is an exception may be made. This person might be teaching another to use the Internet or word processing or explaining how they want something done. The computer service areas are designed for individuals working alone, not group activities.

V. Appropriate behavior is expected from children and adults.

A parent or responsible adult is expected to monitor the behavior of his or her child or children at all times, including while either is using the library’s computer or related services. Although it is not appropriate for them to sit with the adult at a station unless the adult is teaching the child to use the system, the child must still be supervised by the accompanying adult.

If, in the estimation of staff, the child or children become unruly, disturbs other patrons, blocks aisles or access to other equipment, or abuses equipment, the accompanying adult will be asked to correct their behavior.

If the behavior continues to be a problem, both the children and the accompanying adult will be asked to leave the library.

You are welcome to borrow books and puzzles from the Youth Services area to provide constructive activities for your children. These books and puzzles must be returned to the Youth Services area.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make our computer service areas a more pleasant place for everyone.

Board Approved: August 29, 2002

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