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To further its mission of serving as a center for information, education, culture, and recreation, the Library provides access to public computing workstations and wireless Internet service. Use of these systems shall be consistent with the Library’s goals, policies and procedures, and with local, state and federal laws. The Library reserves the right to set rules as needed for these systems and their use.

Public computers and wireless Internet are available for use by all patrons and guests, in accordance with the Library’s Patron Code of Conduct, Child Safety Policy, and the guidelines of this Computer Use Policy. Access to public computing resources may be suspended or terminated for violations of these policies.

Minor children may be required to have direct or indirect adult supervision in order to use public computing workstations, as outlined in the Child Safety Policy. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for their child’s use of the Library’s public computers or wireless Internet. Library staff may intervene if a child violates Library policy or lawful use of computing resources, but staff do not assume the role of a parent or guardian in determining what is acceptable or objectionable computer use for minor children.

Library staff will assist patrons with computer use whenever possible, but may not be trained to provide in-depth or advanced computing support.

I. Time Limits

To facilitate equitable access to computing resources, public computing are limited to a two-hour, one time per day, use. The Library employs time management software and other measures to manage computer access fairly. Please refer to the Library website, computer lab signage, and workstation notices for current information on time limits in effect.

II. Printing and Data Storage

Printing is available from public computing workstations and from mobile/remote devices. A fee is charged for printing. The Library may use print management software or other measures to facilitate public printing. Please refer to the computer lab/print station notices, the Library website, or ask at the Reference Desk for current information on printing fees.

Computer files may be saved to patrons’ personal storage devices, such as flash drives or external hard drives. Flash drives may also be purchased at the Reference Desk.

III. Acceptable Use of Computing Resources

Users of the Library’s computing/wireless resources are expected to use them in a lawful, courteous, and responsible manner. Users of these systems shall not interfere with the systems’ operation, integrity, or security. Additionally, the following rules govern use of all the Library’s computer services:

  • Adding, modifying, disabling, damaging, or deleting any system element is prohibited.
  • Impeding a system’s use through monopolization or excessive consumption of system resources is prohibited.
  • Use of the public workstations is subject to time/session limitations. Please leave the workstation promptly following the end of your session. Any attempt to defeat or disable time management software is prohibited.
  • Please abide by all applicable copyright laws. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 of the U.S Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the Library’s equipment is solely liable for any copyright infringement.
  • Accessing, displaying or transmitting matter that contains obscenity, child pornography, or is harmful to minors (as described in Indiana Code 35-49-3-3) is prohibited.
  • If, in the estimation of a staff member, the material being viewed at a computer workstation is causing or is likely to cause a disturbance, the staff member may direct the patron to leave the web site or program.
  • Interfering with another patron’s use of computer resources is prohibited.

The Library reserves the right to terminate a computer session or suspend a user’s access to computing resources for violation of these rules.

IV. Rules for Behavior in Computer Service Areas

Appropriate behavior is expected from children and adults in all computer service areas. When using the Library, you agree to abide by the Patron Code of Conduct.

Please be mindful that the computer lab is a public environment shared by patrons of all ages. Please refrain from activities, sounds, or visuals that are disruptive to other patrons or the Library environment. Please respect the privacy and personal space of other patrons.

If an adult or child in the computer lab becomes unruly, disturbs other patrons, blocks aisles or access to equipment, or otherwise violates the Patron Code of Conduct, the patron will be asked to correct their behavior or exit the computer lab. Continued inappropriate behavior may result in a suspension of Library privileges.

Workstations in the Library’s computer lab are designed for use by one person at a time. Groups are encouraged to use the Library’s study rooms, which are equipped with computers. Occupancy limits are posted for each study room. Two or more people may work together at a single computer lab station ONLY with the permission of Library staff, with the expectation that other patrons will not be disturbed.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the computer service areas a pleasant and productive environment for everyone.

V. Disclaimer

The Library is not responsible for the accuracy or currency of content available over the Internet, or the consequences of relying upon it. Please exercise caution and critical thinking when evaluating, using, or acting upon information on the Internet. The Library is not responsible for theft, damage, or injury as a result of using the Library’s computing resources. Use of the Library’s computing equipment and networks is entirely at the user’s own risk.

The Library and its employees do not have control of or access to patrons’ personal email or online accounts/login information.

The Library treats patrons’ use of computing resources as confidential, and does not disclose this information unless compelled to do so by law or otherwise approved by the Library Director. The Library uses system tools and other means to remove patron information and traces of individual sessions from public computer workstations, but these tools are not guaranteed to be effective in all cases. Patrons are strongly encouraged to safeguard passwords and other confidential information, to log out of all accounts when finished, and to use caution when entering, transmitting, displaying, or saving sensitive information in public spaces or using non-personal equipment.

Board Approved: August 29, 2002; modified: July 28, 2021.

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