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(219) 873-3042 | 100 E. 4th Street, Michigan City, IN 46360 | Open Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Friday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The library has an Ellison die-cut machine with over 300 shapes available by request at the Youth Services desk. The machine and shapes can be used by the public any time the library is open, up to 15 minutes prior to closing. See library hours.

Die Cut Rules

  • Must be at least 18 years old to use the die cut machine.
  • Contact a Youth Services staff member to request to use the die cut machine.
  • Supply your own paper.
  • Recycle leftover paper.
  • Notify Youth Services staff when you have finished using the die cut machine.

Available Shapes

Shape Categories
Acorn - Small Plants; Seeds; Trees
African Kinara - Large Holidays; Kwanzaa; Light
Airplane 3 Machines; Transportation
Alphabet 4 Inch Tall & Thin Letters
Alligator Animals; Reptiles
Angel Holidays; Religions
Ants Animals; Insects
Apple Food; Fruits; Autumn
Apple - Tiny Food; Fruits; Autumn
Apple - Small Food; Fruits; Autumn
Award School
Baby 1 - Large People; Children
Baby 2 - Large People; Children
Baby 1 - X Large People; Children
Baby 2 - X Large People; Children
Badge People
Balloons Shapes; Holidays
Banana Food; Fruits
Barn Buildings; Farms
Barn - X Large Buildings; Farms
Baseball Sports
Baseball Player - Large Sports; People
Basket Home
Basketball Sports
Basketball Player - Large Sports; People
Bat (Halloween) Animals; Mammals; Holidays; Halloween
Beaker Science; STEAM
Bee - Tiny Animals; Insects
Bee - Small Animals; Insects
Bee - Large Animals; Insects
Beehive Animals; Insects
Bell - Large Home
Bird Animals; Birds
Bird Nest Animals; Birds
Birds (Baby) - Small Animals; Birds
Birthday Cake Food; Holidays
Book Closed School
Bookmarks (Butterfly) Bookmarks; Animals; Insects
Bookmarks (Cat) Bookmarks; Animals; Mammals
Bookmarks (Christmas) Bookmarks; Holidays; Christmas
Bookmarks (Dinosaur) Bookmarks; Animals; Dinosaurs
Bookmarks (Fish) Bookmarks; Animals; Fish
Bookmarks (Fish) Bookmarks; Animals; Fish
Bookmarks (Ghost) Bookmarks; Holidays; Halloween
Bookmarks (Heart) Bookmarks; Holidays; Valentines
Bookmarks (Parrot) Bookmarks; Animals; Birds
Bookmarks (Pencil) Bookmarks; School
Bookmarks (Plain) Bookmarks
Bookmarks (Star) Bookmarks; Light
Bookmarks (Teddy) Bookmarks; Toys; Animals
Bookmarks (Walrus) Bookmarks; Animals; Mammals; Marine
Bookworm - Small Books; School
Borders (Butterflies) Borders; Animals; Insects
Borders (Christmas Scene) Borders; Holidays; Christmas
Borders (Grass) Borders; Plants
Borders (Teddies) Borders; Toys; Animals
Box Car Machines; Transportation
Boy 2 People; Children
Brontosaurus Animals; Dinosaurs
Broom or Mop Home
Butterfly Animals; Insects
Butterfly - Tiny Animals; Insects
Button - Tiny Home
Caboose Machines; Transportation
Camera/Photo Technology
Candle - Small Light
Candle - Large Light
Candy Cane - Small Food; Holidays; Christmas
Candy Cane - Large Food; Holidays; Christmas
Candy Cane - X Large Food; Holidays; Christmas
Car Machines; Transportation; Vehicles
Cardinal Animals; Birds
Castle Buildings; Fantasy; Fairy Tales
Castle 2 - Large Buildings; Fantasy; Fairy Tales
Cat - Small Animals; Mammals
Cat - Large Animals; Mammals
Caterpillar - Large Animals; Insects
Cattails - Small Plants
Cattails - X Large Plants
Chick - Small Animals; Birds
Christmas Carolers - Large Holidays; Christmas; People
Christmas Light - Small Holidays; Christmas; Light
Christmas Ornaments (See X-mas) Holidays; Christmas
Christmas Stocking - Large Holidays; Christmas
Christmas Tree Holidays; Christmas; Plants
Christmas Tree - Tiny Holidays; Christmas; Plants
Christmas Tree 2 Holidays; Chistmas; Plants
Christmas Wreath - Large Bow Holidays; Christmas
Church Window Religions; Holidays; Christianity
Circles (1 Inch 2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch) Shapes
Clouds Weather
Clown 2 - Large People
Computer - Small Machines
Computer - Large Machines
Computer Diskette Machines
Cornucopia - Large Holidays; Thanksgiving
Cow Animals; Mammals; Farms
Cow - Small Animals; Mammals; Farms
Crayon Art; STEAM; School
Cup & Saucer Home; Food
Cupid Holidays; Valentines
Daffodil Plants; Flowers
Deer Animals; Mammals
Deer (Baby) - Small Animals; Mammals
Deer - X large Animals; Mammals
Dino 1 (Stegosaur) Animals; Dinosaurs
Dog (Collie) - Small Animals; Mammals
Dog (Mutt) - Large Animals; Mammals
Dog/Puppy 1 - Large Animals; Mammals
Dolphin Animals; Mammals; Marine
Donkey Animals; Mammals; Farms
Dragon 2 Animals; Fantasy; Fairy Tales
Dragonfly Animals; Insects
Dreidel - Large Toys; Holidays; Religions; Judaism
Duck - Small Animals; Birds
Duck - Large Animals; Birds
Duck - Toy Animals; Birds
Easter - Lily Plants; Flowers; Religions; Holidays; Christianity
Egg (Cracked) Food
Egg (Folded) Food
Eggs Food; Animals; Holidays
Elephant Food; Mammals
Elf/Jester - Large People; Holidays; Christmas
Eskimo People
Fairy - Small Fantasy; Fairy Tales
Feather Animals; Birds
Finger Puppets (See Puppets) Toys
Fire Truck Transportation; Services
Fireman - Large Services; People
Fish - Tiny Animals; Fish
Fish - Large Animals; Fish
Fish - X Large Animals; Fish
Flag 1 - Large School; Holidays
Flask Science; STEAM
Flower Plants; Flowers
Flowerpot Plants; Flowers
Fly Animals; Insects
Football Sports
Football Helmut Sports
Footprint People
Fox Animals; Mammals
Frog 2 Animals; Amphibians
Frog - Tiny Animals; Amphibians
Fruit and Vegetables Food; Fruits; Vegetables
Ghost Holidays; Halloween
Gingerbread Boy - Small Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Gingerbread Girl - Small Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Gingerbread House Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Gingerbread House - X Large Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Gingerbread Man Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Gingerbread Man - Tiny Holidays; Christmas; Fairy Tales; Food
Girl 2 People; Children
Glasses Frame People
Goat Animals; Mammals
Goose - Small Animals; Birds
Goose - Large Animals; Birds
Graduate Cap 1B School
Grapes Animals; Fruits
Grasshopper Animals; Insects
Groundhog Animals; Mammals; Holidays
Groundhog - Small Animals; Mammals; Holidays
Hammer Tools; STEAM
Hand Open - Large People
Hat (Ribbon) People
Haunted House - Large Holidays; Halloween; Buildings
Heart Double Shapes; Holidays; Valentines
Heart - Tiny Shapes; Holidays; Valentines
Heart - Small Shapes; Holidays; Valentines
Heart - Large Shapes; Holidays; Valentines
Hen - Small Animals; Birds; Farms
Hockey Player Sports; People
Holly - Small Holidays; Christmas; Plants
Horse Animals; Mammals
Horse - Small Animals; Mammals
Hot Air Balloon Transportation; Vehicles
House - Haunted Holidays; Halloween; Buildings
Hummingbird Animals; Birds
Igloo Buildings
Indian Native American People
Indian Native American Woman People
Iris Plants; Flowers
Jingle Bell Holidays; Christmas
Kangaroo - Large Animals; Mammals
Kite Toys
Ladybug Animals; Insects
Ladybug 2 - Small Animals; Insects
Lamb - Small Animals; Mammals; Farms
Lamb - Large Animals; Mammals; Farms
Leaf (Birch) Plants; Trees
Leaf (Maple) Plants; Trees
Leaf - Tiny Plants; Trees
Leaves (Jungle) Plants; Trees
Lemon Food; Fruits
Leprechaun Holidays; St. Patrick
Lighthouse Buildings
Lightning Bolt Weather
Lily Pad - Large Plants
Lion 1 - Large Animals; Mammals
Locomotive (Train) Transportation; Machines; Vehicles
Log Cabin Buildings
Man People
Man - X Large People
Maple Leaf Plants; Trees
Martin Luther King People; Holidays
Mitten Winter
Monkey 1 Animals; Mammals
Moon Space
Moose Animals; Mammals
Mountain w/ Stream Nature
Mouse - Small Animals; Mammals
Mouse - Large Animals; Mammals
Music I Treble Clef STEAM; School
Music II Notes STEAM; School
Oak Leaf Plants; Trees
Orange Food; Fruit
Ornament 1 Holidays; Christmas
Ornament 2 Holidays; Christmas
Oval - Small Shapes
Oval - Large Shapes
Owl Animals; Birds
Pansy Plants; Flowers
Paw print Animals; Mammals
Peach Food; Fruits
Pear Food; Fruits
Penguin Animals; Mammals
Pig - Small Animals; Mammals; Farms
Pig - Large Animals; Mammals; Farms
Pilgrim Hat Holidays; Thanksgiving
Pinwheel Toys
Pirate People
Pizza Slice - Large Food
Pliers Tools; STEAM
Polar Bear Animals; Mammals
Policeman - Large People; Services
Pop-Up 2B Shapes
Pterodactyl Animals; Dinosaurs
Pudgie (Snowman) Holidays; Christmas; Winter
Pumpkin (Solid) Holidays; Thanksgiving; Halloween; Autumn
Pumpkin (Halloween) Holidays; Holidays; Autumn
Pumpkin 1B - Small Holidays; Thanksgiving; Halloween; Autumn
Puppets (Boy Frog Finger Holes Girl Teddy Bear) Toys
Pussy Willow - Small Plants
Pussy Willow - X Large Plants
Puzzle 1 - Large Toys
Puzzle - X Large Toys
Rabbit (Sitting) Animals; Mammals
Rabbit (Standing) Animals; Mammals
Rainbow - Large Weather
Rainbow - X Large Weather
Raindrops - Large Weather
Rectangle - Large Shapes
Rectangle/Oval Shapes
Reindeer - Large Holidays; Christmas; Animals
Rocking Chair - Large Home
Rooster - Small Animals; Birds; Farms
Rose Plants; Flowers
Sailboat Transportation
Salamander - Small Animals; Amphibians
Salamander - X-Large Animals; Amphibians
Santa 2 Holidays; Christmas
Saw Tools; STEAM
Scarecrow - Large Autumn; Holidays; Halloween; Thanksgiving; Farms
School Bus School; Transportation; Vehicles
School House 2 - Large School; Buildings
Screwdriver Tools; STEAM
Sea Horse - Large Animals; Fish; Marine
Seagull Animals; Birds
Seal Animals; Mammals; Marine
Shamrock - Tiny Holidays; St. Patrick; Plants
Shamrock - Small Holidays; St. Patrick; Plants
Shamrock - Large Holidays; St. Patrick; Plants
Shell 2 (Scallop) Nature; Shapes
Skateboarder Sports; People
Sleigh Holidays; Christmas; Winter
Snowboarder Sports; People; Winter
Snowflake - Tiny Winter; Holidays; Christmas; Weather
Snowflake 1 - Small Winter; Holidays; Christmas; Weather
Snowflake 1 - Large Winter; Holidays; Christmas; Weather
Snowflake 2 - Small Winter; Holidays; Christmas; Weather
Snowman Winter; Holidays; Christmas
Soccer Ball 1 Sports
Soldier Toy Toys
Space Shuttle Transportation; Vehicles; Space
Spider - Small Animals; Insects; Holidays; Halloween
Spider - Large Animals; Insects; Holidays; Halloween
Spider Web Animals; Insects; Holidays; Halloween
Spiral - Large Shapes
Squares (10 cm or 5 cm With Triangle) Shapes
Squirrel Animals; Mammals
Star Space
Star - Tiny Space
Star 3 Space
Star of David Religions; Judaism; Holidays
Strawberry Food; Fruits; Plants
Stegosaurus Animals; Dinosaurs
Sun Space
Sunflower Plants; Flowers; Autumn
Tags Shapes
Tangram - Large Toys
Tank Car Vehicles; Transportation
Teapot Home; Food
Teddy Bear Toys
Teddy Bear - Tiny Toys
Teddy Bear 1 Toys
Teddy Bear 1C - Small Toys
Teddy Bear 1C - Medium Toys
Telephone Technology
Tennis Racket Sports
Tennis Shoe Sports
Toddler - Large People; Children
Toddler - X Large People; Children
Tooth People
Toothbrush and Tooth Home; People
Tractor Farms; Vehicles
Traffic Signal Vehicles; Transportation
Train Transportation; Vehicles
Tree Plants; Trees
Triangle Shapes
Triangle/Square Shapes
Triceratops Animals; Dinosaurs
Truck Transportation; Vehicles
Turkey (2) Animals; Birds; Holidays; Thanksgiving
Turtle Animals; Reptiles
Tyrannosaurus Animals; Dinosaurs
Volcano Nature
Wagon Transportation; Vehicles
Walrus Animals; Mammals; Marine
Wave Nature
Whale Animals; Mammals; Marine
Witch Hat Holidays; Halloween; People
Witch on Broom Holidays; Halloween; People
Wizard Fantasy; Fairy Tales; People
Wolf Animals; Mammals
Woman People
Wrench Tools; STEAM
Zoo Car Transportation; Animals; Vehicles
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