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(219) 873-3042 | 100 E. 4th Street, Michigan City, IN 46360 | Open Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Friday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Loan Periods

Current bestsellers/new release books: 1 week

Other books: 3 weeks

Magazines: 3 weeks

DVDs: 1 week

Video games: 1 week

Launchpad tablets: 1 week

Audiobooks/Playaways: 3 weeks

Music CDs: 3 weeks

eBooks/eAudiobooks: 2 weeks (automatically returned unless renewed — renew within the Boundless app)

All items except for magazines may be renewed one time if they are not on hold for another patron. To renew items, bring them to the library Circulation Desk, call 219-873-3062, or renew online in your account. You can renew eBooks/eAudiobooks in the Boundless app/web portal within 24 hours of expiration.

Please return materials to the library’s Circulation Desk or drop box. There are two 24-hour drop boxes located outside the library. A drive-up drop box is available in the parking lot. A walk-up drop box is available outside the main library entrance. All library materials except for interlibrary loans (materials borrowed from another library) may be returned in the drop box, including books, DVDs, and CDs.

Loan Limits

You must be 18 or older to check out Adult Feature Films and DVDs.

New card applicants are allowed to borrow two items per visit until they receive their card in the mail.

You may borrow up to 30 items total, including:

  • Up to 5 non-fiction books per subject area
  • Up to 30 fiction books
  • Up to 15 paperback books
  • Up to 10 magazine issues
  • Up to 5 DVDs
  • Up to 5 audiobooks or Playaways
  • Up to 10 music CDs
  • Up to 2 video games
  • 1 Launchpad tablet
  • Up to 10 eBooks
  • Up to 10 eAudiobooks

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are fifteen cents ($0.15) per day per item. The maximum fine for an overdue item is $9.00, except for magazines whose maximum fine is $3.00. Fines must be under $5.00 to check out. Items must be returned or renewed before additional items may be checked out.

After 90 days overdue, an additional collection agency fee may be charged.

Lost Materials

If you lose an item, you will be charged the cost of replacing the item, any accumulated fines, and a processing fee. The processing fee is $5.00 per item. For items costing less than $5.00, you will be charged a fee equal to the cost of the item. If you find a lost item and return it to the library in good condition within 30 days, we will refund the price of the item. Processing fees and fines are non-refundable. Replacement copies are not accepted for lost materials.

Lost library cards can be replaced at the Circulation Desk for a fee of $2.00.

Damaged Materials

If you have irreparably damaged an item that is checked out on your card, you will be charged for the cost of the item, any accumulated fines and a processing fee. The processing fee is $5.00 per item. For items costing less than $5.00, you will be charged a fee equal to the cost of the item. These fees represent the library’s costs for repairing the damage done to the collection by the item’s absence, i.e., purchasing and processing replacement materials. Payment of these fees does not affect the ownership of the item. Books and other library materials are not for sale and cannot be purchased, in good condition or otherwise. The cost of an item is based on the price at the time the item was purchased for the collection and does not depreciate over time. The library reserves the right to dispose of damaged or discarded material appropriately. Replacement copies are not accepted for damaged materials.

Other Fees

Reserving Materials/Placing a Hold: 50 cents

If you are looking for an item that is checked out, you can place it on hold through the online catalog, by phone at 219-873-3042 or 219-873-3062, or in person at the Circulation Desk. When the item is returned, we will contact you and hold it for you at the Circulation Desk. Reserves will be held for 7 days from the time of notification. A fee of 50 cents will be charged for any item put on reserve.


Patrons may print in the computer lab. Black and white prints are 15 cents per page; color prints are 30 cents per page. There is no charge for using the computer or scanner.

There are two public copy machines within the library, one in the lobby and one near the Reference area. Black and white copies may be made for 15 cents a page.


To fax a document anywhere in North America, the fee is $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.

Patrons may have faxes sent to them through the library for a fee of $1.00 per page.

NOTE: Faxing is cash-only. Credit cards cannot be used to pay for faxing.

Our fax number is 219-873-3067.

Items Available for Purchase

Ear buds: $1.00 per set

Flash drives: $7.00 each

Michigan City Public Library-branded tote bags: $7.50 – $9.50

Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

The library accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover credit/debit cards for payments over $3.00.

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