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If you are temporarily or permanently unable to visit the library due to physical disability or incapacitation, you can receive library materials by mail through our free Homebound program.

It’s easy to join the Homebound program, and it’s free to participate!


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senior man
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senior mancancer patient reading magazineelderly womanelderly man with canehands of elderly woman

1. Apply for the Homebound Program

Download the Homebound Program application: Word or PDF

To join, fill out the Homebound Program application and return it to the library. You can download the application here.  We can also mail Homebound and Library Card applications directly to you, or you or a friend/family member can pick up the applications at the library.


2. Receive Books & Materials by Mail

Once we receive your application, we will set up an account for you. You will receive two library items at a time through the mail.

Delivery and return is by U.S. mail, and the library pays the postage both ways. Large print books, audio-CDs, music, and non-fiction DVDs are particularly popular for those with visual impairments.

Books are due in two months. Audio-visual materials are due in one month. Late fees are 15 cents per day per item. A due date receipt is enclosed in each package.


3. Return Your Materials

When you’re ready to return your materials, just place them back in the nylon bag and turn over the return address card. The postage is paid by the library. Place the bag in your residential postal box.

When we receive your materials, we will mail you two new items.

The Homebound program has been part of our library for many years, and we strive to make it a positive and enriching experience for our patrons.

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